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The Albertlanders

1862-Hesitation of the Immigrants from the "William Miles"

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Daily Southern Cross 15th November 1862

We understand that some hesitation exists on the part of the immigrants by the 'William Miles', about going up to the special settlement lands at the Kaipara. In consequence, the 'Salcombe Castle', which with the 'Progress',have been chartered to take their heavy goods to the landing, has been again put into the market. This is to be regretted seeing that the late arrivals would have got on to their land for a very much less outlay than the immigrants by the first two ships. The hardships and inconveniences experienced by the first arrivals, would have been altogether unknown to the last party. We believe a number are disposed to proceed to Albertland, where two thirds of the first arrivals are located. A considerable portion of those already there are possessed of means, and those who have not got ready money are either employed on public works by their wealthier neighbours. The land as we have previously stated, is in some places first rate, and the remainder of average quality. But unless the special settlers are united there is little chance of the scheme succeeding to the extent of the projectors anticipated. Many difficulties must be encountered here, that are unknown in England, or in any old settled country, but these are far from insurmountable. Every early settler in New Zealand has had much greater difficulties to encounter than those which beset new arrivals, and the success which has attended the pioneers of the colony should be a sufficient inducement to the Nonconformist party to persevere. If they persevere, and remain united, acting harmoniously with a view to each other's interests, they must achieve independence in the province of Auckland.

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